-March 6-15, 2024-

Last October, I started to pray about an opportunity to go on a trip that would fulfill my degree program's requirement of a trip overseas and involve refugee ministry. Amazingly in God's timing, I connected shortly after with the Griffith, Toothman, and Davis families serving in Gdansk, Poland! Their main ministry is through the local evangelical church in Gdasnk with a vibrant group of followers of Jesus! 

This church has been rapidly growing since the war started as many women and children come from Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldovia. As of November, there are 15 million Ukrainian refugees alone in Poland!

These three families have moved to Poland since the Russian Ukrainian War started in February 2022 and they have hit the ground running full speed! Weekly ESL classes, learning the language, running grocery drives for moms and kids trying to get their feet settled in Poland, mentoring the young Russian pastor of the church, and discipling more men to be pastors as the church and church plants grow are just a few of their responsibilities. It is incredible and humbling that we get to live in a time in history when so many people groups are coming together, and we are seeing the power of the peace of Jesus in the lives of people who are experiencing unimaginable suffering and pain.

I'm super excited to get to know and serve with this team, who I've been told is incredible to work with! After a zoom meeting with them the other day, I can see why, with a contagious love for Christ, mixed with humor and kindness! 'll be staying with Nick and Jill Toothman, visiting the various church plants around northern Poland, participating in ESL classes, doing the grocery drive, and getting an on-the-ground look at what God is doing in Poland.

My desire to learn what refugee ministry looks like in a cross-cultural setting and get ideas for refugee ministry here in the States to bridge the gap between refugees and the local church.

This will not be a success if I go in my own strength, so I covet your prayers for abiding in Jesus and an open, peaceful heart.

If you would like to be a part of what God is doing through your gifts for necessary travel costs and expenses, I truly appreciate it so much!

Hannah Knight