BRIC and Goma need help

Campaign Created by: Larry Nelson

The funds from this campaign will be received by Larry Nelson.

Goal: USD $2,500
Raised: USD $ 914

Hello, my name is Larry Nelson, Vice President for RIGHT - Relief in the Congo for God's Children from Human Trafficking. We are a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization working to protect children and help families in the Congo.

RIGHT's mission is to raise funds to assist the BRIC Foundation (Building Resilience in the Congo Foundation) in their rescue efforts to save young boys being stolen from their families and forced to become child-soldiers against their will. BRIC also rescues young girls whose bodies are often used as commodities by the armed rebel factions that plague the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  This fundraiser will last until March 20, 2024

RIGHT has managed to raise funds to build an enclosure for BRIC sanctuaries including fortified walls, gates, classrooms, teachers, and more to protect children while giving them an education, and a safe place where they can function during the day. At night, many BRIC associates take the children into their own homes to feed and care for them as they would their own families.

In 2023 RIGHT purchased property in Goma, DRC where the enclosure pictured is built. Here BRIC holds classes on academic learning, and vocational training such as auto repair, sewing, hair dressing for men and women, as well as crafting musical instruments, which they can use and sell, and other items to sell as income-generating opportunities. They have also held creative workshops to help the children and people of surrounding communities, like Goma, address their substantial trauma.

However, military conflict in this region has increased over the past year, making BRIC's local efforts even more essential to protect innocent people. As we speak, the city of Goma is surrounded by violent rebel factions who regularly block the passage of people, food, and medicines.  Government forces have pushed the rebels back into the forest, but supplies, medicines, and people can only enter the city via the lake.

Food supply lines from other communities have been cut off by these warring rebel forces, forcing Goma's citizens to either forage for food in the rainforest or starve. However, mothers and fathers cannot leave their children home while they forage for food, because if left alone, the children are at significant risk of being kidnapped and trafficked, turned into child-soldiers, or worse.

Thankfully, BRIC provides a refuge for the area’s children. BRIC associates are now accepting neighboring Goma children into their sanctuary's enclosure during the day so their parents can sneak out into the wilderness in search of food to feed their families.

It is a grim situation, but your contributions to this crowdfunding campaign will help immeasurably.

Your contributions over the last few years have provided the fortified walls and iron gate to the BRIC enclosure, as well as the school, educational programs, and necessary supplies for all who seek help and a safe haven there. You are making a direct and lifesaving difference to these families in need.

It is a blessing that, with your previous contributions, BRIC was able to complete construction of the Goma sanctuary's thick walls and armored security gate in the nick of time before this latest outbreak of war and violence.

Now more than ever, money is needed to provide emergency food, shelter, and basic necessities for those who seek help from BRIC during this time of strife. Another imperative that RIGHT is looking to help fund is the installation of security lights and barbed wire atop the sanctuary's walls to better protect those within -- any funds donated in excess of immediate needs will go towards these improved safety measures.

We pray that the rebel forces, Congolese Army, and Congolese leaders can find a way to bring peace back to the area. We pray that their hearts will be softened, and they will desire peace.  Until then, RIGHT will need to raise funds to help BRIC protect and assist as many children and families as possible.

Please support this worthy cause. Donations of any size, even a few dollars, are welcome.      

God Bless you for your prayers and support.

In heartfelt appreciation for anything you can do to help,

Larry Nelson

On behalf the RIGHT Board Members, and supporters helping the Building Resilience in the Congo Foundation (BRIC) to save lives.

Dan & Kayna Stout, Traycee Shepard, Larry & Yvonne Nelson


Update #5
March 21, 2024
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Hey Everyone!

Well, we will be closing out our fundraising campaign to raise funds for BRIC and Goma citizens at midnight tonight.

We wanted to thank the donors, big and small, for their thoughtful donations.

Please check our "RIGHT - Relief in the Congo for God's Children from Human Trafficking" page on Facebook for more information about BRIC and Goma.

Should you be able to make a donation before our next fundraising campaign in September 2024, please feel free to donate as follows:

Send checks to our RIGHT-dedicated post office box:

RIGHT, P.O. Box 831, Luther, Oklahoma 73054; or

Send by Zelle directly to our RIGHT-dedicated account at:

             -- these donations incur no fees.   ;)

Thanks again for your generosity to BRIC and Goma citizens,

The RIGHT Board of Directors: 

Dan & Kayna Stout, Larry Nelson, Traycee Shepard and Yvonne Nelson

Update #4
March 20, 2024
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The people in Goma are doing as much as they can to survive.  One way is to forage for plants to eat.  A common plant they forage is cassava.

Facts about cassava:

Cassava is a perennial woody shrub with an edible root, which grows in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Cassava originated from tropical America and was first introduced into Africa in the Congo basin by the Portuguese around 1558. Today, Cassava supports the livelihood of over 300 million Africans.

Cassava (called manioc in the Congo) root is harvested, then sold in town, then soaked & fired and then fired again, then ground into flour akin to cornmeal (but with a different taste), and then a paste is produced and sold in finished, wrapped product.

Manioc (cassava) root is being foraged in the jungle around Goma and then processed privately to produce a wrapped paste called "chickwange."

Chickwange is laboriously prepared in an age-old process.

The leaves they eat as vegetables.

Update #3
March 15, 2024
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Hey Everyone,

Once again, thanks for your donations.  Every bit helps.

I just wanted to remind you that the fundraiser runs through March 20th --

only FIVE days away!!!

Please feel free to share the following campaign link with your friends:

We appreciated your giving whatever you could to help the people stricken by warfare in Goma.

Thanks again,

Larry Nelson

Update #2
March 11, 2024
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The RIGHT board of directors and the BRIC foundation thank you all for your thoughtful donations. We appreciate charitable people who give hope to those who are in less fortunate situations.

As springtime begins to blossom here in the USA, we are surrounded by colors and greenery sprouting forth around us.

Thank you again!!!

Update #1
March 10, 2024
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Hello all,

I just wanted to thank you all for your donations.  Every dollar donated will help the children who are in a desperate situation.  The fundraiser runs through March 20th.

Thanks again,

Larry Nelson


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