We started a very profitable business in 2020 bringing a service to everyone during the pandemic!! It was doing great up until September 2023. Long story short we had to help my brother as CPS came in and took his daughter which is my biological niece on false allegations ended up putting her in foster care and did a lot of illegal  things to us. It’s not easy my brother did not have the funds in order to fight for his daughter my husband took funds out of our business to help him in a matter of four months we spent $32,000 that includes attorneys flying advocates up here filing fees not including when we had to shut our family own business down because we had nobody else to run it for court hearings to run back-and-forth to lawyers. Needless to say we did end up getting my niece the week before Christmas which amen we couldn’t be more thankful however our business is tanking and tanking fast with the amount of overhead we have and all the money that we put out we do not have the money to generate new merchandise our customer base has fell off if we could get enough money for inventory and to pay the back bills that we have we can make this thing happen again!! We’ve already sold our camper quads everything we’ve worked so hard for is now gone however our niece who is three is home!! Please help us to keep our business afloat as we’ve worked so hard to build it to where it is and we don’t wanna lose it for the fact of helping somebody else and he little donation he could spare is greatly appreciated and if you can’t donate please pray!!