Hi, I am 37 years of age and i own a business in Perth Western Australia. 
I currently have 1 staff member and times are tough as I am working 24/7 doing 3 multiple job roles by myself. I suffer from a neurological disease called cluster headache (Horner syndrome) aka Suicide Headache. For those who do not know what this disease is you can google it. No normal medications work and there is no cure the only relief is sometimes medical oxygen if i am near it or Sumatriptan injections which here cost $115 for 2 of them. I use 2 a day and have in the past years emptied myself on these costs. It sends me broke. There is no way around it,it is not something that goes away or you can contain or get help for. It's the most painful disease a human being can go through. I work hard every day to try keep my company running, I cannot have a normal job or work for anyone else because of this condition. When it strikes i have to leave which is why i have no choice but to run my own business. Medication i cannot purchase on the business. This has ruined my life, and it is very hard to live with sometimes i don't even want to continue. I have tried everything there is to try ease the pain and nothing works no doctor or hospital, or neurologist can give me anything else which i already have. There is simply no cure because no one knows what causes it. The pain is a 11/10. I work hard to pay my Morgage and provide for my wife and kids but i cannot afford this medication just to be normal to have a normal day like everyone else. 
I am not asking for a big handout i am asking for some help so i can afford my medication to keep me going and standing. I have suffered from this disease for 20 years and have not been able to live any type or normal life. There is no such thing as a social life with this disease. You are isolated all the time waiting for the next attack. 

For me more of this medication will help me just get through the day and let me work a normal day. I would not wish this disease on anyone no matter what. 20 years of fighting this and paying for this, i have no choice but to keep going for my family's sake. Me explaining it is one thing but researching this disease on google will give you a fair idea of what it is. Although it is called a headache, It is not a headache. It is the worst thing anyone can go through.