We are living through an ongoing, government sanctioned, daily mass murder of innocent children under the big lie of abortion, which includes thousands of pregnant moms in need who are exploited for profit every day in our nation.

The Men's March was brought forth with the idea to build a true civilization of authentic love and abolish abortion – making it illegal in law, and finally unthinkable in culture. Our goal is to get men off the sidelines and active in protecting and defending vulnerable women and children.

Over the last few years, The Men's March has reached thousands of men and women all throughout the country with the above message, and it's time to take it a step further. Help The Men's March become a non-profit organization in  order to continue this mission and reach even more men and families in our nation.

We need help to offset the costs of upcoming events as well as get us up and running as a non-profit organization in order to better serve the mission going forward. If you can give a gift of any size to support this important mission, we would be most grateful for your support. 

Learn more at www.themensmarch.com