My name is Timothy P. O'Flaherty, both a JROTC Instructor in a Title 1 public school, as well as an instructor of Latin and ancient Greek. While I've had great opportunities to take students from affluent families on educational tours both domestically and abroad, in my current position as a Senior Army Instructor for a JROTC program, it breaks my heart that these very bright students and Cadets that I have are unable to go abroad to participate in an exchange program this upcoming summer with the British Army version of JROTC in Birmingham, England.

In addition, any trips to Gettysburg, Rome, Italy (in my capacity as a Classical languages instructor, cf. are frustrated as my talented students, whom I wish could go, can't go for the simple fact that their parents and/or guardians can't afford it. Throw in an economy that's not the best, and students of modest means find this avenue of academic growth and potential closed to them through no fault of their own.

To that end, I established a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization last July 2023 called Explore Ahead Educational Adventures, Incorporated (EIN: 93-4939338), which as the name implies, supports subsidized educational travel for students of modest means. In addition, my non-profit will support the following:

1) 2-3 Academic or US history supported field trips per calendar year;

2) Scholarships for deserving students based both on need AND merit;

3) The flexibility to use funds from this 501(c)(3) to build a foundation for greater non-profit growth in the field of educational travel.

This calendar year 2024, I have tentatively established by invitation from the Birmingham, England a July 6-18, 2024 exchange trip with my Cadets (United States Army Cadet Command WILL NOT fund this, so I have to raise the funds on my own). This will be an opportunity for 8 Cadets, myself and one female chaperone who is an E7/Sergeant First Class for my female Cadets.

The second trip, earlier on the 2024 calendar, is an intensive archaeological trip to Rome and its environs from April 12 through the following week on Friday, April 19, 2024. The itinerary includes the Foro Romano, the Vatican Museum, Via Appia Antica, and possibly Hadrian's Villa, and as much as I am able to cram in (detailed itinerary may be seen here on my business website:

This is a lot to ask of people as these are both relatively expensive trips. I, however, like to put my money where my mouth is. For starters, I've already paid $1000 USD to American Airlines for our group travel airline tickets to subsidize and secure our contract for our cross-Atlantic flight (for verification, if you wish to see the deposit payment receipt, email me at and I'll send you the PDF receipt. In addition, I've already put another $500.00 into the Explore Ahead Educational Opportunities, Inc. business account to pay for other items as they approach, and I'll pay the invoice for the youth hostel when my Cadets, chaperon and I go to England for the JROTC exchange program.

Currently, I have a suspense of February 10, 2024 to pay for the deposit of our lodgings in Rome for the Italy 2024 trip. Other costs will come my way fast and furious as the last semester of the academic year winds downs. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated, and I've set a fundraising goal of $20,000.00 USD.

Please donate to our cause on behalf of my students. Make all checks and payments payable to:

Explore Ahead Educational Adventures, Incorporated

Address: 5715 Trieda Drive, Viera, FL 32940

If you wish to wire funds or use a debit/credit card, make your payment to: Explore Ahead Educational Adventures

Routing Number: 231372691

Account Number: 9539446090

The bank where the Explore Ahead Educational Adventures, Incorporated business checking account is Santander Bank, Methuen, Massachusetts.

Thank you all for your generosity in advance.

Pax atque Sanus

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Timothy P. O'Flaherty