Dear friends,

Late last month. A Best Choice was providing ultrasounds when we met a married couple who were both excited and distressed: excited about the pregnancy our ultrasound had just revealed and distressed about how they could possibly manage the additional expense of a newborn.

Both parents work full-time at low-paying jobs. With a 7-year-old boy, a 3-year-old girl, and a new baby on the way, they’re confronted with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle: the staggering cost of daycare.

The current cost of daycare for their 3-year-old daughter is $990 per month, a significant portion of their already stretched budget. This expense is set to increase to $1300 per month in the near future, placing an even heavier burden on their finances. Their modest income disqualifies them from receiving assistance with daycare expenses.

With the impending arrival of a new baby, their situation becomes even more dire. Daycare expenses for the new baby are nearly $2,000 per month ($472 per week), pushing them to the brink of financial crisis.

Both husband and wife are working hard to increase their job skills in hope of higher pay in the near future. Until that time, A Best Choice is looking to provide them with a little breathing room on the financial side and for that reason, we turn to you for assistance.

Your donation, no matter the amount, will provide them the support and relief they desperately need.

If you’re able to help, please consider making a donation through (GiveSendGo link). Your help will make a world of difference. Please consider donating at the GiveSendGo account or by sending a check to Angela Clark, at A Best Choice Mobile Ultrasound, P. O. Box 7450, Woodbridge, VA 22195, or by donating online at, under "Donations"  and designate "Sara's Campaign". Your compassion and generosity can make a significant difference in the lives of this family and by all means, please spread the word to family and friends.

Most important of all: please pray for this family.

Thank you!