We are trying to raise money so that I can be with her at the hospital when she has surgery on her kidney stones. She has a unique situation with her kidney stones, because she has two that are 7 mm thick and 21 mm around on each side. She also has a aneurysm in the renal tube which is 22 mm around. The Doctors have also found several polyps in her colan and several lesions and several cyts on her liver. Both the colan and liver will be separate procedures. She will have a total of 3 all together. As we all know sometimes hospital stays can be longer than expected. We live 2 hours away from the hospital. So I need to be able to stay with her, because we can't afford for me to drive back and forth. We are also facing another problem that may hinder my ability to stay at the hospital and that is our car is up for repossession. The reason being is Rhonda lost her job due to the fact that she missed a lot of work for doctors appointments and sickness. Which in turn caused us to rely on my Social Security Check and we couldn't afford the car anymore.So we are seek the generosity of you good people to help us out in our time of need.