I am trying to raise money for a mini van for my family. I hate asking for help but I am at a loss. My disabled father lives with me. I been taking care of him for 24 years now. I raise my 4 young grandchildren also. My brother whom just moved in has major medical issues also and sadly can not work. He has been legally fighting social security for 3 years now to get benefits. I am responsible for all these people and since my car accident it's been hard getting everybody around to where we got to go. I rely on my mom and step father and I know all the running is getting to them physically. So I am asking for any help so I can let my mom and step dad enjoy retirement instead of running her ex husband and everyone else around. I appreciate anything and I am truly grateful. This will help me immensely with be able to independently take care of my grandkids and my dad and brother. It will lift a huge weight off my shoulders. I am truly thankful