Hi my name is Heather Key, I'm the mother of three wonderful, smart, handsome boys. My oldest is Justin he's 12, Joshua who is 9, and my sweet sweet baby who is 19 months old. Iv had a pretty rough adulthood, I was in a motorcycle wreck when I was 20 and died three times.. only remembering the first time. When I died I was told to jump back into my body bc I wasn't meant to die til all my kids were grown, mind you I didn't have a first born til I was 24. I would say that I'm doing this for me, but I'm not. We've had it pretty rough. My husband and I have split up over and over again, this time for good bc of abuse. It was always a rocky marriage but this time was the last straw. He went too far. Anywho, put it simply, I'm a single mom who needs to get back on track for my boys. They deserve it. I'm asking for money to get a cheap car and help get caught up on some bills. I hate even asking for help but I live in the country here in northeast Texas and it's getting harder to get to work and home with my baby taking him to daycare as well.. I need a car to make it easier on all of us. We haven't got to go anywhere in years. We are trying so hard, yet it seems that things are barely getting any better. We are positive that things are getting better, just taking longer than expected. Please if you can and are able, please help me to get a cheap car so I can get a second night time job and to help get caught up on my bills.