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God Knows I'm Totally Grateful for finding You all Never Thought I would be here in a Desperate State of Condition.  I'm Disabled and Mr and my baby daughter and the Kids are Considered Homeless We was in a Place for over 5 yrs and a New Landlord Took over and Raised the Rent and We Was Threatened With Eviction Each time We talked to him instead of him having compassion towards Us He Threatened daily with Eviction We Moved as soon as possible Which took about a Month and him Standing at the Door to Padlock it behind us We could not Longer afford to stay there.  Homeless Shelters are Full and It's a mess Even More I'm at my Oldest daughters home and Her 20 Year old Son is Doing Drugs and Cursing and The other day We Saw him in Possession of a Gun and my daughter that I Originally Live with has 3 younger Kids under 12 Yrs old We Love that My Oldest daughter took us in But We Pride Our Home on having Peace and Teaching the Children the values of having a relationship with Jesus We are in a very Toxic Condition and is desperate for a hotel until We able to find Stable Housing.  The Sad Part is that I help My daughter raise My grandson and a Young age he was my Little Prayer Partner I'm never going to give up on him but it's abusive at this Point while I'm Reading My Bible he Walks around all day Cursing and Slamming doors He Won't help my daughter with bills or anything and the Court System Failed Us Last Year when we Took it to Court to help the gave him an Out Patient Program and Then Released him from it in less than a week after 2 Visits.  Today I'm on my bed Crying out to God and Trying to trust when I Can't See and it doesn't help my health at this Point. I just Want to be at Peace and Guard My health my Blood Pressure has Never been so Bad But I still Thank God For My daughter his Mom Because She Will do anything for Me and trying her best but her Landlord Knows We are here and We have to be out By February Our Goal is Actually to Work out for A Couple Months at a time to help out It's a Leg Up For Us to Look Up and Pay It Forth because even During the Low times I have to Still pay it forward Thats How healing goes around Universal.  Any help at all Will be a great blessing to Us Amen.


Update #2
January 25, 2024
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Gracious Lord's day to You GiveSendGo Family... Not Good at this Media stuff but it looks a little Unprofessional But did my best to include my family Photos could not get that whole picture in so I did apart of each to show us will add another with my daughter and the kids also We was trying for a one bedroom at a motel but will take one with 2 beds so we have a place to stay... Anything Helps but Most of all Stay With Me in Prayer that God Sees us through this... Please Reach Out and Chat to get to know us also I can use the Encouragement had a very chaotic situation Yesterday and But today can be great in Spite of everything..🙏🙏 

Update #1
January 25, 2024
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I Thank You God for the Support I'm already Receiving From Family and Friends but Mainly my Church family and You here at GiveSendGo The Prayers and Kind Words are Really Uplifting My Soul and Giving Me Strength as I'm Usually Up During the Midnight Hours Mainly because the House is Quiet and that's my intimate Time with God and Because at Times I have a bit of Insomnia But I'm also hear to Inform Your Hearts that The amount is to Cover a One bedroom Hotel for a Month And to help Out With Some Medication Coverage Either Way We Thank God For The Angels here That help to Support and bless Many but Even Moreso Your Prayers are Key 🗝️🗝️🗝️ Its alot to be Here and feel So Vulnerable But I feel God led me Here not Only to seek Support But to Pray for and Minister to Others However he Uses Me.... My Heart is Open and I will definitely Be a Blessing to Others As God Purpose and Prosper me to be.... One Of My favorite Scripture is Lead me to the Rock that's Higher than I Hope that Lifts Someone's Soul Always help me when I feel Like I'm Drowning and Feeling Overwhelmed.🙏✝️🙏


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