Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 

We're delighted to be able to introduce ourselves to you. We are Léon and Olivia, married, we live in Brussels, Belgium, we have 2 daughters, Clémence and Éloïse (soon 3), and we are disciples of Jesus Christ.

After seven years of training at the Brussels Bible Institute, and in the churches where we did our internships. A new chapter opens for our family. 

The Lord opened the doors so that I, Léon, could preach the gospel to French-speaking Belgian students. I was recently hired as a local team member of the University Bible Groups, affiliated to IFES. Belgium's GBU is an evangelical movement that exists to see students get to know Jesus and make him known to others. My mission as a team member will be to proclaim the Gospel in French-speaking Belgian universities. I will also be responsible for mentoring, training and supporting Christian students, helping them to grow in their knowledge and love of Christ. 

As for me, Olivia, I have chosen to support Léon in his ministry by devoting myself full-time to our children, soon to number three, and to our home. I am committed to helping my husband in his ministry, and to serving my children, passing on the Gospel to them, and being a model of faith and love for Christ.

The task before us is immense, and we are well aware that it cannot be accomplished without the Lord or without your invaluable partnership. 

First of all, we ask for your prayerful support. Please pray that the Lord will equip us in every way to make our work fruitful. We believe in the power and impact of prayer, and your spiritual support is invaluable.

But we also need your generosity and financial support. As a GBU employee, 50% of Léon's salary, i.e. 20,000 euros a year, will be paid by the organization. The remaining 50%, 20,000 euros, depends on our ability to raise funds from our partners and supporters.

That's why we're calling on you to become our partners in this mission of proclaiming the Gospel and forming disciples of Christ in the French-speaking Belgian student community.

We are deeply grateful for your support and generosity, and promise to send you regular updates in the form of a quarterly letter.

Fraternally in Christ 

Léon and Olivia.