In the summer of 2024, I will be with 36 other team members from Community Church and will be heading to Peru on a mission trip. We will work with our partner church, Catedral de Fe to bring much needed supplies, medical attention, wheelchair distribution, water, food and clothing to the people of Lima, Cuzco and towns throughout Peru.

Projects will include:

Medical Campaign: Many towns in the interior of Peru have no access to medical care. We will serve close to 500 people EACH day in Cuzco. 

Children's Programs: As families come to receive medical care, we get an opportunity to play with kids and assist in running basic summer programs to keep them entertained and share inspiring messages. 

Special Needs Training: Families in Peru have limited access to help and training to better care for children with special needs. We will bring much needed material, experience , tools and resources to better equip parents. 

Food Distribution: We will be distributing thousands of packages of food to people that don't have access to proper nutrients for their body. 

Refurbish Medical Post and Churches

Park and Police Station Clean-up and much more.

The primary means of financing a trip like this is fundraising. I am hoping and believing that our families, friends and circles of influence will help to make this trip a possibility for me. THANK YOU in advance for any contribution you can make. 

Much Love and many Blessings,

Anna Holmberg