Currently working with a disabled mother and three children ages 16, 12, and 10. Mom is currently dealing with a major internal disease that's slowly eating away at one of her organs. She is unable to work and is not entitled to social services because apparently disability is enough for her and three children. She is currently diagnosed with LAM that's short for Lymphangioleiomyomatosis and CKD Stage 3 (chronic kidney disease) with no dialysis. LAM is a very rare lung disease in women and can be fatal as it is as well uncureable. She has went under lung surgery and trying her best to stay in a good mindset. She has rental assistance so rent isn't a problem being paid monthly but she can not find any help for a security. Now she is currently in the new apartment because some landlords can truly be a blessing so she has been able to get what she can but she can definitely use more.  Any donation is a blessing so please whatever is on your heart please help this mom and her children.

Her security deposit is $1521.00 well it's currently $1,221.00 she was able to put something down to show she was trying.