To Know Dave Ludwig is to Witness Faith at Work.

For 20 years Dave has been a teacher, principal and a fearless leader at Calvary Christian School. In addition, Dave has been a PPBA baseball coach to many of our children over the years.   Most importantly, Dave is an amazing father of four, devoted husband and treasured friend to many.  

Last week, Dave was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).  This devastating diagnosis is one that Dave, his wife Victory and their four children are reconciling with love from each other, kindness from their community and grace from God.  As the family embarks on the serious and uncertain journey ahead, they ask God for his miracles and mercy, leaning into each other for strength and love and they ask us for our prayers.  Together we can do more. 

ALS, as some may know is a cruel disease for which there is no cure.  And the medical and related costs of long term care is only partially covered by insurance.  Experimental medicine and new technological advances are assets in slowing the progression, but are expensive and not always covered. Dave, Victory and their children Lily, Sofia, Violet and Becker are brave and together as a family they will walk this journey with dignity a day at a time.

Now is a beautiful time for our community to rally around Dave and his family and support them through this difficult time. Here's how you can help:

1. Join us in this special fundraiser where we hope to cover all of Dave's uninsured medical expenses and to care for his family.

2. Have your children and family write letters of encouragement.   You can send your notes to: Dave and Victory Ludwig, c/o Calvary Christian School, 701 Palisades Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. They will love hearing from all his students, past and present.

Dave has been a meaningful presence in our community and we hope you will join us in supporting him. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and know your donation will be used wisely and for the sole purpose of Dave's medical expenses and his family's care.

With Gratitude,

Erin & Chase Ahders, Annie & Kevin Barnes, Lorie & Jerry Cudzil, Joanna & Jeff Ennis, Alison & Brooks Hansen, Kelly & Mark Holscher, Kathy & Erik Rolle and Seem & Jason Wolsefer

Below is the letter that Dave and Victory sent to all Calvary Christian School families earlier this week which tells their story in their own words:

Dear Calvary Families,

It is with great sadness that we need to share some hard news with you all. As many of you know, Dave has been struggling with some neurological issues since February. On Friday, we met with a well-respected neuromuscular physician at USC, and Dave was diagnosedwith ALS. Unfortunately, there is often a misdiagnosis of the auto-immune we were told he had, as the early symptoms are quite similar. This doctor is well experienced in both disorders, and is certain that this is the road before us.

We have processed a lot over these past few days. We recognize a strange relief in the certainty. The fogginess of this situation has truly driven us mad at times in the past 11 months. We are finding gratitude for a clearer path set before us, and for the opportunities we will have through USC and their approach to ALS. We are also grieving deeply. This is the nightmare that no one wants to live. And, most importantly, we are compelled to do this well. We know we have the biggest things in place to do this: our close-knit family, our deeply rooted faith, and the most incredible community a family could ask for. We have been surrounded, fed, prayed for, and loved well already, and we know the best is yet to come. In the past few months, we have learned to see a picture of God's love for us through the people around us. It is changing us.

We are also praying for the miraculous, and believing He is able. We all sing the lyrics to worship songs, and we know they are written in scripture -our God is a God of miracles and of the supernatural, and we will ask Him to give us the blessing of the miraculous. We ask for His mercy day by day, and for signs of His goodness. And we will accept whatever path He sets before us, trying to keep our eyes on the eternal things, and not what we see in front of us.

Our four kids (ages 13, 15, 18, 20) are ok. We are thankful for their closeness to one another, and how they are leaning in. This is a day-by-day journey for sure.

Dave will start medication as soon as we have it in our hands. It should slow the progress. His plan is to be at work as much as possible, and to continue to show up in all the ways he can. We praise God for our life, and the abundance of blessings. Please continue to do life alongside us, with as much normalcy as we all can find. It will help us with the road ahead.

Please pray pray pray. We have a multitude of people all over the country praying for us.

With so much love, Dave and Victory