The Restore Election Confidence Initiative is an effort by Clark County citizens to enact commonsense reforms to reduce concerns about voting stems & processes that have caused some to give up and stop voting. 

On December 19, 2023 the Restore Election Confidence Initiative was submitted.  Unfortunately, the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, who was supposed to only create a ballot title, improperly decided to break with the Home Rule Charter and tried to deny the REC initiative from the ballot so that voters couldn't even decide if they wanted to send it to the voters.  After filing a Writ of Mandamus the Clark PA's office reversed course and followed the Home Rule Charter and the initiative was later deemed legal according to the Home Rule Charter requirements and limitations.

Over 27,000 signatures our needed and gathering started January 27th.  The initiative process will continue until the end of May so we appreciate your support to Restore Election Confidence in Clark County, WA.  For more info go to