My names Kristin, I’m Robert Guss’s oldest sister. As most of you know some probably don’t my baby brother was hit by a car Thursday after noon while riding on the back of a bike in marysville wa he suffered a broken hip and leg, he was transported to Everett ER, where he was transferred to Seattle harbor view due to the kind of break in his leg, they learned he had torn tissue and a broken hip as well. Yesterday morning 1/12 Robert had to go under a ten hour surgery to fix his broken hip and leg, all went accordingly! Robert will be in harbor view medical center until further notice I personally spent the last two days down there helping my mom and brother as much as possible, they are asking I ask the community for help I couldn’t stay any longer as it’s extremely costly. Along with a lot of big prayers… food, transportation, and a place for my mom to shower and change as they hope to be switching who keeps my brother company, we ask if you could please donate if not please share, Robert really needs happy thoughts sent his way as he isn’t in the highest of spirits. Thanks for your time! Every prayer and happy thought is so much appreciated!!!