We are a group of ex military from all over the world who are tired of the socialist control of everything in today's screwed up society.

We currently repatriate women who have been trafficked to their home countries using whatever means required.

The funds we collect currently are the results of our operations usually the assets of the traffickers legal or otherwise which we sell to support operations.

We take 5 percent for operations and donate the rest to homeless projects throughout North America specializing in drug rehab and housing initiatives.

We are starting a travelling campaign where we will perform free concerts, provide anyone with free support to assert their human and fiscal rights in any capacity.

Our long term goal is to utilize modern tech to facilitate a return to the values of about 1970. We intend to achieve this through education, legal protest and if required tactical support to anyone requiring it.

We will hire dedicated people to assist where required to support a growing army of volunteers. These volunteers will act within their communities and globally if required in their specific capacity.

We are a global community with no aspirations of supremacy, however will hire anyone who can assist in the end goal.

There is zero tolerance for racism, misogyny etc. We are supportive of the LGBT  community but expect you to leave personal agenda at home unless it is a violation of your human rights. As an example you will likely be misgendered on a regular basis, so if your skin is that thin don't bother to get involved. Other than that you will be treated with the respect you show your fellow colleagues.

In closing we hope to foster a peace and unity amongst mankind that can only be achieved by equity and hard work.

We are in support of capatilism but intend to crush the parasites of humankind. You know who you are and don't stand a chance against an educated and dedicated populace. We are that populace and we are coming for our freedom