The Recall Vos petition campaign launched January 10, 2024 to remove from office Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. Vos has said “I will try as hard as I can to make sure Donald Trump is not the nominee" in 2024.

Voters in the 63rd Assembly District are signing Recall Vos petitions January and February of 2024 to be submitted early March 2024 for a recall election May 21, 2024 to remove Vos from office in 2024 because he is blocking fair elections in Wisconsin, Vos misled the Assembly in the impeachment process of Meagan Wolfe, and Vos supported the unlawful drop boxes. Vos purposely lied to the Assembly that 66 of 99 votes were required to impeach Wolfe when the law clearly states that 50 of 99 can impeach and remove corrupt officials like Wolfe. Vos is protecting Wolfe and thus perpetuating for 2024 the rigged election schemes that include those that were ruled unlawful by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in past elections. Wisconsin must move Forward! without Robin Vos.  

Recall Vos is a political campaign subject to Wisconsin campaign finance law. Donations are much appreciated to make sure only legal votes are counted in Wisconsin in 2024. Paid for by Recall Vos.

Sign the petition and visit our Recall Vos Campaign Headquarters.

Recall Vos has also opened its campaign headquarters in Union Grove near the Piggly Wiggly at 4350 67th Drive in the Maple Grove Shopping Center where residents of the 63rd Assembly District may sign the Recall Petition seven days per week.

Recall Vos

4350 67th Drive

Union Grove, WI 53182

Jay Schroeder, Director


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