Hi! My name is Matthew. I am an agro-ecologist, permaculture activist, climate change activist, peace advocate, creationist, humanitarian, and a soccer coach.

I’ve been developing a regenerative eco-village in my home country of Ghana for the past 5+ years.

After several years of learning, volunteering, and building on my abilities, I had a powerful realization that changed my life forever.

Before I tell you more about that, let me skip back a few years. I was very depressed seeing people get sick every day because of pollution, dirty water, and tons of processed foods.

We are facing many issues in our current society, not just in Ghana, from the use of toxic chemicals and poor waste management to a lack of access to tools and alternate knowledge, community breakdown, and a lack of harmony and peace.

One day it hit me that my living situation, the problems of the community I live in, and the whole country of Ghana will not change unless we work together to create a better environment for all. Books have taught me that change starts with you and me, so I decided to stop waiting around for someone else to tackle these issues and put matters into my own hands.

A few months later, I founded the Mattlawie Ecological Regenerative Center, which is a nonprofit. We officially registered here in Ghana in 2017. I will never forget this day, how proud I felt, and the excitement of doing my part in creating the kind of world I wish to live in.

Our mission is to teach and empower people while maintaining harmony with nature. So far, we have donated over 1000 seedlings to local schools, planted over 500 trees, and had over 70 children in our community soccer program.

I’ve been fortunate to learn permaculture from a very skilled and generous teacher, and I’ve attended lots of seminars and workshops over the years. Without my friends, who believed in me, and my teachers, who inspired me, none of this would have been possible.

Now I am sharing these gifts with my community, and it is my hope that they will share their knowledge freely with other people. Creating a ripple effect of lasting change within our community and beyond. If we can put kindness back into our community, just imagine the kind of world we could live in.


Our center needs to expand in order to fulfill its potential. We are seeking donations to fund our program and purchase land for an eco village based on permaculture and regenerative practices. We require tools, equipment, soccer gear, and kits. The land will house our eco village, eco farm, eco lodge, eco retreat project, essential oil distillation center, and eco community soccer program. We also aim to give back through investments, scholarships, sponsorships, exchange programs, international visitors, volunteerism, and communal labor. Help us grow and contribute to our sustainable initiatives!

About Our Soccer Program

FC Mattlawie is a youth soccer team born out of the golden belly of the Mattlawie Ecological. FC Mattlawie uses soccer as a catalyst to bring the kids together to go green and become responsible ambassadors wherever they go. FC Mattlawie has a slogan “Kicking for Green," meaning we are not just kicking soccer balls to entertain, but we are kicking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, promote peace and culture, and also have great respect and care for our environment, nature. We train, connect, and sponsor. We manage young, talented kids by providing and instilling in them discipline and good morals to enable them to get to their next level of excellence.

To keep this project alive and help us thrive together on this planet, please donate!

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May you be richly blessed