Last week my husband was out for a ride on his motorcycle. He was hit by an illegal and has significant injuries to his leg. He has a torn quadricep tendon that’s retracted back into his thigh, he has a torn MCL and damage to other parts of his leg. He was told that the quadricep tendon needs to be repaired within three weeks of the injury because after that the quadricep tendon begins to lose viability. This could be a career ending accident if he doesn’t get these injuries addressed. His because of his extremely physical career and his age his orthopedist wants him to get stem cell replacement as well since tendons don’t get the same blood flow as muscle. He still has 15 years before he can retire and he’s been in this career for the last 24 years. The cost of these stem cell treatments aren’t covered by insurance and the process is $5000.00. I know things are tough right now, but even if you could help us out with $5 it would be very appreciated. We’re also trying to set up a direct donation with the orthopedist so all donations would go to him so you know we are not trying to scam anyone for donations. As soon as we can get that set up we will offer that option as well. He is scheduled for surgery next Wednesday and we k ow that doesn’t leave much time. But we just found out today the extent of his injuries. 

We thank all of you for taking time to read this.