My name is Linzie. I have a long story but I honestly don't want to go into all the details. My story has alot of heartache and I can't handle reliving them. Im 30 years old. I had my first child at 15. I have 4 kids total. My 2 oldest boys were taken from me by the state. My third son was kidnapped by his father. I haven't seen him since he was born, it's going on 8 years. And my last child is my daughter. She lives with her dad. I haven't seen my boys in 10 years. But I recently got in touch with them. We talk on the phone and text daily. They are asking to come to my home for Christmas. I would love very much to have them here. But I have nothing to give them much less a bed for them. They do have a room but it is empty. I'm asking for help so that I could give them a room that they will love and a Christmas they will not ever forget. I miss all of my children. I love them more then life itself. I'm just not financially able to provide right now. I'm currently unemployed. Looking for work. Can anyone please help me. It would be a miracle to have my boys for Christmas.