My story: I am 32. This is my and my husband’s first child. We’re expecting a baby girl due on March 23. I was told when I was about 20 that I would probably never be able to conceive naturally, so she was a complete surprise! My own little miracle.

My husband and I were doing okay financially until the pandemic hit. Like for a great many of us, 2020 was a very hard year. The next two years weren’t much better. I’ve done behavioral therapy for kids and teens with developmental disabilities for the last 8 years, but with the pandemic I severely burned out and had to quit my job for my mental health in summer of 2022. During the first part of the pandemic I put my husband through grad school and was the main breadwinner. I mentally couldn’t do it anymore. I took a break until not working was NOT an option anymore, and went back to work part time in March of this year. It has been very hard.

Like many people during the pandemic, hours were cut, work was hard, finances were rough, and I ended up relying on credit more than I should have to make ends meet. I have NEVER had financial debt like this before, and I’m drowning. Fortunately, the debt is in only my name, not my husband’s. Because of that, I’m trying to file for bankruptcy. This is not something I’m proud of, but it’s what I need to do to get my family a fresh start.

November was hard. Most of my clients and the therapists I supervise, were sick off and on all month, and I barely worked. I’m too scared to look at my bank account, but I know it’s negative, and collection agencies have begun contacting me. I have a bankruptcy lawyer reserved, and have paid him about half of what he needs to take my case, but haven’t been able to get the rest of the money together. I feel like I’m letting my husband, my baby, and myself down. I’ve been praying for a miracle for months.

I know things will eventually be okay. My husband is a therapist for very troubled teens and young adults who need 3-8 hours of therapy a day. He will have his hours for licensure soon, and will hopefully be licensed by the time our daughter is born. Once that happens, things will be okay, IF I can get the bankruptcy situation figured out.  Right now we can barely afford groceries every two weeks.   

I always wanted to be a mom. A stay-at-home mom would have been even better. I accepted years ago that may never happen. God already gave me one miracle with my daughter. I’m praying for one more. Feels selfish though. I hope I can pay it back to the world some day, even if only by hopefully raising my daughter to be a wonderful and giving woman someday.