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#GivingTuesday2023 #GivingTwosday2023

Being diagnosed with Cancer isn't the hard part. The hard part is telling family that you have cancer. It definitely is not easier telling them the second time around. The first cancer diagnosis was 3 days after my 18th birthday, and I knew I would be okay. I knew because I believed God would heal me. I knew there was more life to live. At the age of 18 you don't want to hear you have cancer or that the medication may cause infertility. I believed I would be healed and I believed if it was His plans for me to bring a child into this world, nothing could interfere, so i didnt worry. From the first surgery to the first infusion, it all happened so fast. I received chemotherapy in 2011 and was cancer free in 2012. Four years later, I gave birth to my miracle baby who is now 8 years old.

12 years after the first cancer diagnosis, I received the second cancer diagnosis. This time it was breast cancer and once again I believed God would heal me. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative invasive ductal carcinoma on December 8, 2022. I dont remember what the doctor told me, but my only thoughts were "How am I going to tell my mom I have cancer yet again? How will I tell my brothers and sister again? What am I going to say to my daughter..she's only 7?!" All these thoughts brought the tears to my eyes not the results. 10 days after the diagnosis, I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful babygirl. The doctor told me to terminate my pregnancy, but that was not an option for me. Out of fear, I had one cycle of chemo during my pregnancy and had reactions to the medication. Despite everything going on, I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. My beautiful babygirl is now 3 months and I had my first PET SCAN which shows that the cancer has spread outside of the breast. It has now been staged as Metastatic Breast Cancer. The news is devastating and the only thing I can think is I need to get better and heal for my girls. Unfortunately, it is also in my bones (rib and pelvis). It may have already been in my lungs before I felt the breast lump, but the doctor has told me there isn't much she can do for me now.. Palliative care. This was one doctor's opinion based on the scans. I have seen another doctor and he says chemotherapy. His approach is to treat the cancer with chemo, but he will not implement any other supportive treatments.

Cancer is multifactoral, so there is no one size fits all treatment. I have found an integrative clinic that treats all stages of cancer with the goal of healing the body. At this clinic, I can receive the supportive treatments to aid the chemotherapy in targeting the cancer cells and to heal my body. The clinic requires daily visits for the first 3 weeks to create a treatment plan as the first step. $5,000 will cover the first week. This is an investment in my health for my life and my daughters' lives. 

I am humbly and kindly asking for donations to cover the cost of treatments(insurance does not cover) and travel/lodging expenses. If it is in your heart to give or to share, please do so. All prayers and donations are greatly appreciated. 🤍 Anything helps in this healing journey. 💕