This is Manolito Castro helping Okot James

I'm Okot James from Uganda am founder Divine Samaritan Orphans Center Uganda

We are located Bugiri District Nabyunyu Village Bugobo Parish. We are taking care of 55 kids under our ministry I start this ministry for helping children in our community because I'm also orphans

I lost my parent in 2000 when I'm still young I lost all my family by accident the life comes so hard to me then I start staying with my grand mother my grandmother she was kindful woman who could take care of everyone Street Kid, Widow, Orphans and other children so she reach in 2002 she died and life comes so hard to me

I start sleeping in the street over for 10 years when I could not having happy in my life then some of organization they where looking for homeless children like me and other than they take us in their place where are the orphanage and homeless children be

I stay with that organization over 10 years when I been studying in that organization so I ended my studying in S4 then then I realized am not alone