I began this second campaign for my son Jarett Larson and his beautiful family so that they could take part in the #GivingTwosday2023 "Gift of Generosity" I will explain Jarett's story below but please feel free to give to either his first campaign or this one, Jarett and his wife will receive all funds from both campaigns. Thank you so much for your love and generosity to our son and daughter-in-law during this time of difficulty.

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As you may know our son Jarett Larson married the love of his life, Nicole Wemhoff in May of 2019. In a short time, they began their careers, moved to a new state and had 2 beautiful children. In May of 2023 our son Jarett was hit with a health crisis, he had previously been diagnosed with celiac disease and Jarett's immune system went into overdrive causing nerve pain, brain fog and extreme exhaustion. This isn't his first go round so Jarett took leave from work hoping to get things under control within a few short weeks. As he began seeking medical help he was turned away "with I'm sorry, we can't help you" again and again and decided to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL for answers. During this time, He and Nicole found that they are expecting their 3rd child and it became clear Jarett could not return to work any time soon. Jarett has currently made 2 trips to Florida and as you can imagine, has depleted his savings and has been making ends meet on the kindness of family and selling off personal items etc. Jarett and his wife were most recently visiting for a family wedding about 6 hours from home and upon returning to their rental, realized their place had been completely torn apart by rats. Jarett and his wife have no means to replace any of the things they and their children have lost and are at the mercy of their landlord and of family and friends to help them with cleanup. Jarett should not be near rat feces due to his illness and Nicole is expecting their 3rd child in January so she also should not be around anything toxic. We'll be organizing work parties as they discern a path forward.

Jarett's test results and diagnosis from the Mayo Clinic are pending and he is unable to work with no return-to-work date in sight. Jarett and Nicole will use all funds to recover from this housing disaster, to welcome their new baby with joy and begin anew. We know that this season of unemployment and illness could be ongoing but we are all trusting our Lord to create beauty from ashes. Thank you so much for loving our son and daughter-in-law and for supporting them with your prayers and money, this is not easy for them, they truly are hard workers and givers and it is so humbling to accept help, but they are at the place where they must.

“In my deepest wound I saw your glory, and it dazzled me” -Saint Augustine.

Update 1

November 20, 2023 #GivingTwosday2023

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, phone calls, emails help and for your donations!! It's so humbling and absolutely warms my heart to have so many of you supporting and loving our son and his family.

Jarett and Nicole have decided that the way forward will include renting a new place and after a few cleaning/moving parties and a lot of time at the laundromat, they're officially moved out. They continue staying with family in the area and have found another rental in the same town which is a blessing!

Jarett and Nicole are hoping to get moved in and settled before Thanksgiving. The way forward will include lots more cleaning, of dishes and hard goods that were salvageable, getting the kiddos settled in their new home and discerning God's will for this new season. Jarett will hear from the Mayo Clinic in the first half of December and is hoping for answers and a treatment plan.

Please continue to pray and if you're willing please share the link for donations as I know that my social media circle is pretty small and there are people who love this family who probably haven't even heard what's happened yet. We love and appreciate all of you!