Hello Everyone! 

I am writing to seek any donations no matter how big or small for our upcoming Christian youth retreat in Arizona. Our group consists of young adults and college students from Lansing, Michigan, who are associated with the East Lansing House of Prayer. Our goal is to organize a spiritually enriching experience for these individuals, who are also attending Michigan State University.

With the generous support of your donations, we can make a significant difference in the lives of these young people. Your donation will enable us to cover transportation costs, food, airfare tickets for those who may not be able to afford, and ensuring that attendees can travel safely and comfortably to the retreat location. Additionally, it will provide funds for accommodation, allowing them to have a comfortable and secure place to stay throughout the retreat.

Moreover, your donation will directly impact the quality of the program offered during the retreat. It will enable us to bring in experienced speakers and teachers who can impart valuable knowledge and guidance to the participants. It will also help us provide engaging and transformative activities that will deepen their understanding of Christianity, foster personal growth, and equip them with essential leadership skills.

Furthermore, your support will contribute to the establishment of a Phoenix House of Prayer! By empowering these young individuals with a strong spiritual foundation and a passion for prayer, your donation will help create a lasting impact on the local community. It will provide them with the tools and inspiration to cultivate a vibrant spiritual environment and positively influence their peers and society.

We are truly grateful for your consideration and support. We have been praying for revival, and we want to make a difference in the rising generations lives. We appreciate your support!


Lauren Ellison