Food and Clothing for deprived children & families

Campaign Created by: Juliana Schmidt

The funds from this campaign will be received by Juliana Schmidt.

Goal: USD $1,000
Raised: USD $ 500

Please help me make 25 deprived children and families happy with food and clothes this Christmas.

As I scrolled through my email, I came across an email from GiveSendGo about #GivingTuesday, and the first thing that I said was Thank you, God, for this email. I can use this opportunity to raise money to put smiles on the faces of deprived children this Christmas whose desires are just food, clothes, and something to wear on their feet. 

Before 2018, one of the ways I extended my giving activities was to provide for and help poor children in my community back home in Nigeria. Over the years, I donated money monthly to big local and international USA charities because I believe in their causes. However, the help of these organizations never made it to my community back home in Nigeria, where I grew up. I remember growing up in Nigeria; as a little girl, my siblings and I only got new clothes and shoes during Christmas and Easter celebrations. Then, most poor and average families could only eat rice on a Sunday. While working in Nigeria, I supported many children in my community, ensuring they had a better childhood experience than mine. I continued this support after I relocated to the United States and joined my spouse.  

However, after I had twins in 2018, my income changed; due to childcare, I could not work enough hours to earn a reasonable income to support my independent philanthropic mission. I am uncomfortable asking for money, but I have to do this because I understand the situation is terrible, with high inflation, high crime, lack of safety, and lack of essential living utilities like water and electricity, especially after COVID-19. The poverty and starvation in some of these communities are depressing; it is so bad now that one meal a day is considered a luxury, but despite the situation, most families have hope in God for a miracle.

Consequently, I am here to request on their behalf. Any money raised will go into buying food like bags of packets of rice, oil, noodles, and other food condiments. Also, your generous donation will help purchase clothing and shoes for some of these children and put smiles on their faces this Christmas.

I teamed up with my sister, who runs a restaurant business in Nigeria, to ensure we reached the correct targets of families and their children. I aim to continue this mission yearly as I used to do in the past because independent charities go directly to intended targets.

#GivingTuesday2023  #GivingTwosday2023


Update #2
January 11, 2024
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I sincerely thank everyone who donated and extended the hope of God to these families. All over the world, living conditions have deteriorated, and most families struggle to have one essential meal daily. While no one can care for everybody in the world, we can all do a little act of charity to share God's love with those in abject poverty.

Some of these families are displaced, and unknown gangs and gunmen take over their homes and lands; their livelihoods are destroyed, and gangs take over their farms and businesses, while the government does nothing to help these individuals nor restore security that protects ordinary citizens.

I believe in sharing the love of God through different means; we can bring hope alive to those in need. My Campaign to keep feeding those in need will continue as long as I can help. We can all help reduce pain and hunger in the world.

On behalf of those who benefited from this donation, we thank you so much for believing in me to deliver.

Update #1
January 8, 2024
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Thank You Update #1

With deep appreciation from my heart, I thank the team at GIVESENDGO for making it possible to fulfill part of my campaign goal. With the help of this platform and its outstanding team members, I brought the hope of God to manifestation to some needy families this Christmas / end of year 2023.


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