Our First Mission Trip

Campaign Created by: Rob Gunkelman

Goal: USD $2,000
Raised: USD $ 1,875
My name is Ashley. I am 10 years old and getting ready to go on my first mission trip with my parents to Ecuador. My brother, Micah, and I can't wait to help the people of Ecuador. We will be working with people who live in landfills and meeting different churches while we are there. We are going to be living in Ecuador and my parents are going to be meeting with a bunch of pastors and other missionaries while we are there. We can't get there without your help so please consider helping us raise the money we need for the trip. Thank you and Dios le bendiga! (God bless you)


Update #1
November 7, 2015
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With 23 days to go God continues to amaze us. The Bible talks about how we should shout from the mountains the blessings that God has given us. How wonderful is it to truly see the provision of God for His people. Please click the pray for button and if you feel led by the Lord to help support our mission trip, we would be so thankful for your help. God bless!

Update #2
November 6, 2015
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With 24 days left to go before we buy our tickets we have already begun to pray for the people Ecuador who we will be serving. God continues to put people in our lives who know of ministries and churches in Ecuador who are in need of help. It has been so exciting to see how God is orchestrating this. My kids are so excited for the chance to goon their first mission trip. To them it is something that only adults get to do. This doesn't make sense to me. This will be an experience that has the ability to solidify their faith and everyone who prays for us will have a part in that. Please consider supporting on a financial level too. Thank you and God bless!

Update #3
October 30, 2015
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It is so amazing to see how different people respond to requests like this out of the goodness of their own hearts. The first person to bless Ashley and Micah is a friend of a friend. We would never have met this person, but she is now part of the ministry that will be done in Ecuador this December. Thank you for your prayers and support. 


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