My son at only 22, continues the battle for survival. His cancer diagnosis was October 2022. He was told he has 12 months to live.


It is a scary thought that even in Canada one has to wrestle between cost of living and medications for survival.  ( #GivingTwosday ) We have zero benefits so all medications are out of pocket. October was another $13,000 charge.


It has been through private donations via family, church family and neighbors and bottle donations that have covered our monthly expenses. Some money came from EI, it covers utilities and vehicle expenses. The balance of expense and treatments continuously increase. 

Thank you God for the drips and dribbles, it is through His provision we our still gifted this home.

September showed shrinkage in two tumors. Although great news, it's still in his lymphatic system. The worry continues. What took a decade to grow, I suppose can't be eliminated in a year but logic is hard to be the focus when it's your child. I pray for provisions daily and thank God for the trickling of help received. 

His health battle continues and my financial battle continues to pay for it. If I can get financial help for at least the latest cost incur, I can have relief during the Christmas holidays. As of today, we will only have Christmas in spirit. Which honestly, is better. The greed and want of our society is gross. 

Please, #GivingTwosday2023 today, the best Christmas present we could ask for, survival for another month.

Thank you.