Hello family of God, the Reynosa's are enduring an extreme financial hardship. I have started this campaign on their behalf with the faith and hope that we as Gods people will see the need, pray and give. It has been a very long season of trials and tribulation for them. I can start by telling you that in 2021, Wendy took a life shattering fall which caused her to lose her job as she spent days in the hospital, surgery to repair her arm which has been put back together with tons of metal, a long process of pain and physical therapies. She has applied for social security benefits, been denied but we are believing in God for victory with the appeal process. In the meantime, her husband Anthony is the sole bread winner for the family, going to the family business six days a week. The winter season is upon us, and business slows down drastically during this time. It has been very challenging to keep up and stay on top of the rent and they are in danger of homelessness if this continues. Bills are mounting with many overdue and in danger of disconnection, car repairs that are in dire need of completion as well. In the mist of these struggles the couple lost their only son to a tragic death in June, adding to the bills for funeral expenses.  I am sharing this only because their ongoing financial struggles, and their personal pain is overwhelming. Wendy and I have prayed and cried and prayed again for help. We know and believe that with God all things are possible. I am asking for your help so this family can come out of their financial debt and that your prayers for healing in their souls and future victory in their finances are realized.