I’m reaching out to ask for your support for my online fundraising: “VACMI. Critical Mission.”This fundraising is benefiting Commercial sex workers.Location: Congo Kinshasa and Togo. They're  tired of everyday prostitution, if help could be coming from somewhere, they will abandon this prostitution. Some of them cry when talking to us,  regretting  their involvement in this discrediting and pitiful business.  Please consider supporting this mission by donating or sharing with your friends.

The funds will be used to help aide the search and rescue efforts being made by hundreds of volunteers searching for the Commercial sex workers. The mission’s main goal is to attend to their physical and spiritual needs. more so, we need support in  building training centers and housing for the rescued women. The training centers will have programs such as craft and vocational training to prepare them for specific careers. Acquired income will be used in setting them up with petty business. preventing them from going back to the same old life style.

 Here is one out of many sad story of the prostitude;

 A 17years old girl told us that after she lost both of her parents, she was living with her aunt who was maltreating her. So she left her aunt and sleeps in the market. Every night about 3 to 4 boys will force her and rape her. When she explained her condition to a friend, instead of helping her to find shelter, the friend rather supplied her with illegal drugs for strength and instructed her to collect money in return from any men that will come to her. This was the beginning of illegal drugs consumption and prostitution, a dangerous life just for survival. your support is needed to put our sister back to their homes and bring them back to GOD.

currently exceeds TOTAL : $998.749 The funds will also secure the needs for recovery and relief for their child.

We ask for your support by donating with any amount of your financial support that will be needed to make this fundraiser successful. We appreciate the privilege of being able to count on our Mission (VACMI)    To know more about our ministries,visit us at www.missionfieldofchrist.org

We sincerely thank-you for considering our request.
           Prayerfully and expectantly- in Christ.   
 In His service,
Bishop, Innocent Komlan Segoh