My family and I were living in Kansas until last year when the economy became wildly expensive, forcing us out of our home. We moved to Utah to be close to family who have helped us stay on our feet a little longer. We bought a small RV and have been living in it for over a year now on my parents land. We had hoped by now, things would have changed and we would have been able to find a place to call home, but times have just been getting harder. 

4 months ago, we welcomed a surprise baby boy and he is almost too big for the bedside bassinet that he has been sleeping in. We are struggling to make ends meet and are in desperate need of financial assistance to help us find a place to better support us and provide comfort in our family of six. Our kids are growing, age 15, 8,9,12 and now the 4 month old. We are running out of time and space. 

That’s where you come in. By donating to the our family, you can help us achieve our dream of having a place to call our own. We have family members who work in construction, willing to help with labor so we are asking for your help to provide the funds to cover materials. 

Every little bit helps, and any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated. 

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