Pre Pandemic I outright owned our home. My Husband due to Government mandates could not work his job as a DJ. He tried working for Money Mart but had to quit as his health took a toll. We had to take a loan out against our home to make ends meet and do some much needed renovations to update our outdated home, and currently may lose our home come the new year. My husbands health has decreased severely since with having  5 stints put in his heart . His diabetes caused him to have a mild stroke that caused seizures and had to be placed on life support till he was stable. And most recently he lost blood flow to his feet and  is looking at possibly losing his feet. Which means we may need to further renovate to accommodate wheelchair access. My husband is 52 years old and unable to work at this point. I have been struggling to cover our bills and his medication 💊 😫.  I only work part time and am looking for more work. I also have an adult son who is on Dialysis 3x a week awaiting a kidney transplant. Life hasn't been easy lately 😪 We need help from good people to bail us out of our loan and to help pay some bills. Our credit ratings have dropped drastically since husband hasn't worked. And we have maxed out our credit cards. PLEASE WE NEED HELP.