My Parents' original Kitchen is in Major need of Work…

I have been caregiving for my parents since 2012 (in their house).  At which point I sold my house to move back in with them.  My Dad passed away in 2014, and my mom is now 94.  The Lord has BLESSED me to be able to be here for my parents in their aging season of life and that my brother allows me to work part-time for him, from home, to keep up with the expenses.

My parent’s kitchen is the original kitchen in their house, currently the oven does not work, and we use a little Hamilton Beach electric oven.   The lighting that my dad had wired behind the cabinets isn’t working anymore and all the lighting is obsolete and un-replaceable.  The electrician would not even touch it and told me to tape the on/off switch to OFF and not to use it because all the cabinets would have to be removed to get to the wiring.  So, I bought 2 clip-on desk Lights from Amazon and have them in the Kitchen. The floors are chipping up and missing big chucks of the old tile.  The base cabinet floors are sunken in (especially under the sink) which is now currently back in working order again.  It was leaking and not draining, to the point that plunging it did not work anymore and had to bucket up all the meal dishes and take them down to the laundry room and wash them in the Utility tub.  But my friend’s husband came over and fixed the problem.

Since this past Summer of 2023 I have been getting quotes on a kitchen upgrade.  The first Kitchen place I went to, wanted $75,000 and would not help reduce the cost in any way… that price was insane.  Then I went to Home Depot, they worked up a layout had a Contractor come out to measure then got back to me with $40,000 for this small kitchen… this price is still insanely high to me.  Unless I am so out of touch with the world out there (because I have been shut in with my mother, since November 2020 (Covid) & Pacemaker when she came home from the Hospital unable to walk).  But during this time, the Lord answered years of prayer, my Mom at age 92 (on 8/19/2021) prayed to ask Jesus Christ into her heart as her Savior!

Finally, the painter that painted my parents’ bedroom years ago, when they had a leak, recommended his Contractor.  This contractor came out to our house and said he will be able to get our kitchen functional with new electrical, plumbing, floors, cabinets, countertops for $28,000, partly because of the old plumbing & electrical that needs to be upgraded.

I applied for a loan, but they will only approve $5000 because of my income.

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