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The funds from this campaign will be received by Jonathan Yetman.

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We respectfully are requesting your support to create a fund in order to assist  Gregory Yetman, who was with the peaceful protestors on Jan 6th at the capital these funds will be used to cover his legal and financial obligations while he is incarcerated.

On November 6th the FBI among other agencies surrounded the Yetman Family Home to  "execute a warrant".  with no regard of due process or the constitution, law enforcement then proceeded to endanger and traumatize the Yetman Family. Afraid of being falsely imprisoned, like many other Jan 6th protesters, Greg fled. This caused an excessive manhunt for him, with military weapons, flash bangs, dogs, helicopters and drones surrounding the area as if he was a hardened criminal. He shortly turned himself in safely on November 10th after eluding the fierce barrage of manpower.

Gregory is a Military Veteran who would do anything to protect his loved ones and his country. He served 13 years in the Army National Guard he was a  Military Police Sergeant.  He was tasked with training lower enlisted Soldiers under his command. A UPL (Unit Prevention Leader) tasked with conducting educating, testing, and assisting Soldiers to comply with the Army Substance Abuse Program. Law and order operations both in CONUS( within the continental United States) and overseas. Attached to Homeland Security for a Homeland Response Force (HRF) to help ensure civilian security and safety. Trained for helping safeguard against Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear, and Explosives, and for helping in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Trained lower enlisted Soldiers around and under his company's command. Protected valuable security equipment, personnel, ammunitions, weapons, and other military equipment, both overseas and in the United States. Also, conducted combat operations overseas, providing security for high valued personnel, as well and convoy security for military and civilian vehicles, personnel, and equipment. Conducted security operations, law and order missions, peace keeping missions, and humanitarian missions overseas. Provided security for the base where he was stationed, protecting entrances and exits, expediting the entering and exiting of military and civilian personnel on and off base, using metal detectors and body and vehicle scanning equipment to protect against weapons, drugs, or explosives from entering base, or for military equipment trying to be taken off base without proper authorization. While Greg was in Kabul, Afghanistan for Disaster and Humanitarian Relief this is a statement from him about his time " An amazing experience working with other Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen, helping bring supplies and aid to men, women, and children in the city of Kabul. We brought aid and supplies to orphanages, hospitals, schools, and women's shelters. Mostly to individuals who were hurt by explosions, orphaned, abused, or homeless. An experience that changed me and made me appreciate the life I have been fortunate to live, so much more."  Greg continued his education after the military and received an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice/ Police Science as well as a Bachelor's degree Public Safety Administration and Criminal Justice. 

Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing our brother, they know he will give you his shirt off his back. Loving life and making the most of every moment in life was the way Greg lived his life. He always has a smile and has a great way of making everyone laugh. He is, and will be missed by us all tremendously and we want to help him get the representation he deserves.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to his cause, we all deeply appreciate all of you and any and all support. Please pass our brother's story around to friends, family,  and news reporters! And if you can donate, he needs all the support possible.

Thank you,

The Yetman Family


Week 1
November 23, 2023
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Greg’s first week was spent in quarantine for covid at the Essex County Jail in NJ. He is awaiting his transfer to Washington DC. Greg turned himself in on November 10th after he arrived at his Step Mothers house in Monroe NJ. Once the family all heard he turned himself in, it was a huge sigh of relief as we were all worried that he would be killed while he was on the run. Greg had his initial federal court appearance in Trenton, New Jersey, on Monday the 13th, and was ordered held without bail. Greg’s brother Russell and 83 year old mother Carole were both at the courthouse to see Greg, but they were not allowed to speak to him. However, his mom did get to wave to him. This has all been especially his Mom as she has been so worried about him and is devastated, because as she stated to us as she cried “ I’m never going to be able to hug my son again. I will be dead by the time they release him!” Hearing my Mother in Law say this has been so hard, she in no way deserves all of this. The day before Greg turned himself in, the FBI went to Carole’s house and interviewed her. She expressed to them how hard this is on her and how does anyone blame Greg for running when he walked out of his house with 30 guns in his face like he was a TRUE CRIMINAL, and knowing he didn’t hurt anyone. Carole has not been able to sleep much and cries so often throughout the day. For days she was not able to look at any news, as they made her son look like a dangerous fugitive that deserves death. Carole knows her son like we all who know him, as a loving man who would never hurt anyone for no reason. Carole has been praying that her son does not get sentenced to a harsh punishment for being at the capital, as many other non-violent J6 protesters currently are.

 On Thursday November 16th we received our first phone call from Greg. Hearing his voice was different from any other conversation we have ever had with him. Not knowing how he was, if he's depressed,what he is doing all day, not knowing anything was very all of us. He told us that he is sitting in a cell for 23 hrs a day in quarantine and all he can do is think, he has no books or anything to occupy himself. I couldn’t even imagine what that must feel like. He sounded in good spirits but we knew it was just to make us not worry about him so much. He asked us to get his affairs in order for him and gave us a list of names to tell his close friends what had happened. He was worried they had been wondering what happened to him. We have not and will not while Greg is in prison tell him how everyone knew, because they plastered his name all over the news in the entire U.S. like he was a dangerous fugitive. We will do everything to protect Greg as much as we can emotionally while he is in prison. He is going through way too much as it is.

Greg’s older brother Russel who lived with Greg has had a lot on his plate the last week as their house was ransacked by the FBI and he is trying to help with Gregs bills. Russell has heart issues and this situation scares us with his health. This has been a nightmare for all of us involved and so many other families that are dealing with this J6 nonsense.

My husband Jon who is Greg's younger brother and I along with their Nephew Matthew and his wife Chelby have been working hard getting this campaign out to everyone we can to support Greg, as well as many of his friends.

I want to thank you all from Greg, for all your support.

Greg needs all the support and prayers he can get at this time. Please look up Luke 6:38 and help Greg with what you can, it does not go unnoticed. Please continue sharing and supporting him as this road is not over.

Thank you,

Natalie Yetman


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