Hi Everyone, I started this Fundraiser as a kind gesture for mom, Mom housing was taken away, I believe to make room for the illegal migrants, Mom is disabled and has been under a lot of hardship and stress because of this, Our government has put so much effort in taking care of migrants, it has forgotten about the disabled and veterans that are U.S AMERICAN CITIZENS, I wanted to do something nice for her for Christmas! This will not give her, Her housing back, But it will cheer her up a little, at 16 my mom was in a bad car wreck and she lost all of her teeth, it's heartbreaking that she  never or You rarely see her smile, She became more stress when her son went off to war after he was deployed 3 times, She also takes care of her autistic grandson, The funds received will go direct to a family in need and not through an organization that benefit themselves, instead of the family, I would like the Donors to have a choice, Where you can get updates on the family you have donated too if requested, The donations will go to get mom a new smile, A new set of teeth, Where she can smile again, get her confidence back and if this fundraiser exceeds the goal, The funds will go to finding mom a new home that she can afford and be comfortable living in, a place she can feel excited about being able to care for her autistic grandson, Mom just have a special way with him, No one else can relate to, I can see how much she misses being separated from him, I would like to Thank you in advance, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!!! #Givingtwosday2023, You can also donate directly to $RonaldMeriweather on cash app, Thanks.