KWARE RIVER CLEAN UP is an activity organized by Mzizi Empowerment Initiative that is a registered CBO.

The Kware River is a local name created by the residents of the community for the NAIROBI-NGONG' RIVER. It passes by the slum community of Kwa Reuben, Kwa Njenga and Tassia that are all in Embakasi Constituency. The slum community is constituted of financially disadvantaged individuals with limited resources. Survival to them is a priority.

There exists little information among the community members on their role towards environmental conservation. Additionally, the community does not have a well defined means to dispose their waste. Because of this, the community members dump their garbage and waste in the river which is now full of human plastic waste  and other non-recyclable waste. 

Due to all these, Mzizi Empowerment Initiative has partnered with the Nairobi county government , Embakasi South sub-county environment office and river clean up to organize a sustainable river Clean project up on 16th December 2023. We aim to mobilize 200 volunteer to participate in the project as elaborated below. The activities there in include:

1. Educating the community on their responsibility and rights towards environmental conservation. We shall conduct an education sensitization to the members of community on environmental conservation, disposal, recycling and relevant knowledge towards environmental conservation and their role there in. 14th December 2023.

2. Installing Garbage bins in the community and doing a campaign walk. Once we enlighten the community, we aim to give them a solution. Instead of dumping the waste at the river, dispose your garbage at these garbage bins that shall be collected by the government for disposal. The community currently does not have a solution towards waste disposal.15th December 2023.

3. River Clean up of the River Kware. We shall finish the initiative by cleaning the river on 16th December together with the government office. 16th December 2023.

These activities are meant to ensure that this gives birth to a culture of environmental conservation among the community. We will not just do a river clean and the community relapses to the same after we are done but to ensure we sustain environmental conservation.

We are seeking for support to :

1. Purchase Garbage bins and install in the communities. We aim to purchase 10 huge garbage bins that cost an approximate of $7000.We shall also incur a cost of $1000 to transport and install the bins in the community.

2. Education engagement tools for the initiative. We shall require to book a hall, purchase writing and engagement tools. This shall cost an approximate of $1000.

3. Purchase tools for the river clean up. These include the masks, gloves, trash bags, t-shirts and cleaning tools. This shall cost an approximate amount of $5000.

4. Refreshment for the activities. We shall have refreshment for the 200 volunteers for the 3 days that shall total up to an approximate of $6000.($10 a day per person for 3 days.)

The total cost for the whole project totals to USD 20,000.

We believe that this initiative is a way of empowering the less privileged and creating a more conducive and environment for them. Your support will go a long way in changing some ones' life.

We shall update each an every activity that we pursue.

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