Supporting Grandma's Cheryl's Family Move!

Campaign Created by: Diane Fertig

The funds from this campaign will be received by Cheryl Powers.

Goal: USD $6,000
Raised: USD $ 100

Why do we need a fundraiser Page?


The truth is ...   We need to move because of very Valid reasons.  We are living in a old moldy building (when you walk in you smell the musty odor even though we constantly clean everyday.) 

The water is undrinkable and you have to use bottled water. It leaves a white film on top when you cook with it.

There is no public transportation 

I can’t drive and my sister won’t be able to in the next year or so,due to sight limitations even after cataract surgery this Fall. I have chronic health problems and Mississippi has the worst healthcare in our Country.

We are seniors and on a fixed income.

I've done months of research on where would be the best State to move to and be able to accommodate our needs.

Virginia is the best choice to live a healthy, better life and need help to do this…

My name is Diana Fertig and my sister is Cheryl Powers.We have worked hard all our lives and raised 2 generations of good souls. I will be sharing our introduction and praying good souls will be able to empower us in our journey!

We will be saving all that is possible for our goal,but the total expenses will be about $10,000. We are only asking for $6,000 to make up the difference . Please pray for us and help if you can. Many Thanks to you!


I will be turning 69 on Christmas 🎄! I've had chronic health problems for the past 40 years but until the past 3 years, didn't have to deal with degenerative disc disease. I'm in a lot pain most of the time. They aren't giving me enough medicine to control it, so I just pray and do my best to live and help others.

I've been a writer Blogger for 20 years trying to bring light 🕯️ to chase the darkness of this world.

And so we need people to empower us to move from Mississippi to Roanoke Virginia. It would take at least 3 years to be able to save for this move. We both are on very fixed incomes.

We are praying that if we are successful we can move with our rescue kitty's next year. I think of a verse my late mother Florence taught me. Seek and ye shall find!

I've always been a person who had lots of faith, I made it my mission to bring joy to others. To inspire others and was a C.N.A and a teacher helper for kids with special needs.

My sister is a very private person yet she has done many good things to help others. She has worked for The US Forest service, fought Fires and planted trees. She has volunteered for Animal shelters and Feeding the Poor and homeless. 


Update #1 Thanks 🙏 Bless you!!🥰☺️😃
November 10, 2023
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We are thankful to be blessed today by our friend Jen C, who has been such a good soul through the years. She truly is an Angel sent by the Lord! By their fruits ye shall know them indeed!

We appreciate Friends, Family and strangers alike for your Prayers and support in our time of need. 

I will be sharing photos of nature and other things in my Facebook photo album for y'all to enjoy!


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