Calvin Juma is the Founder of Future Within Community Based Organization and a personal friend of mine. His mission is to increase food security and growth surplus for his community through greenhouse farming. This project will serve 1000 people in his local community and its ripple effect knows no bounds. I am committed to supporting Calvin in achieving his vision and I trust you will be too!

Calvin’s organization teaches critical skills for improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of Nairobi Kibera, one of many slums in Kenya. Skills like growing food, poultry farming, personal hygiene, women empowerment and environmental awareness along with clean up.

"I believe that agriculture is the basis of human dignity and that can be the way to redeem myself and the community from the misery of the slums." ~ Calvin Juma

Calvin and his wife also provide workshops in art, dance and culture which are critical for developing the voice, expression and vision of local youth. 

With Kenya experiencing recurring droughts and limited water resources, the ability to minimize water wastage is crucial. Greenhouse farming offers significant water efficiency advantages. It will also provide an ideal solution to harsh climatic conditions that often plaque traditional open-field agriculture.

Additionally, greenhouse agriculture enables farmers to implement drip irrigation systems to capture and recycle water, reducing consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional farming methods. This not only conserves a precious resource but also mitigates the environmental impact of agriculture.

We are requesting a total cost of $2500 USD to help in purchasing the greenhouse. 

The total cost above will provide the following:

-Drip irrigation system


-Plastic UV treated polythene

-Tank fitting

-Tank 1000 litres


-Labour for construction

-Plumbing works

-Transport of the materials to the site

Please support this crowd funding campaign in whatever way you can, whether by donating or spreading the word. No action is insignificant, no donation too small.

Together we can create meaningful change in this world. 

Thank you in advance.

Please follow Calvin's pages for continuous updates: