My name is Kevin, I am reaching out in what seems like the lowest point I have been in for quite some time.

Before going any further. I want you to know that if you only have a little bit to give or would rather give the money to someone who has an emergency or unfortunate event. Please stop reading and give it to them. This is my cry for help, however that does not mean I have given up. I will work on myself and work to get myself out of this situation eventually. If you do have extra. Every little bit helps in this fight I’m getting tired of. I thank you with everything in me.

I am 22 having experienced quite a bit. I started working at a young age and moved out in my teens. I don’t mind the work and helping those I can when available. But I feel like me being that way is what led me to this point. In hindsight, I should’ve made sure I was in a position to help first. A few years back in my teens. I worked hard but having moved out. It was pretty hard keeping up with all the bills. To the point that had to go into debt, considering how young I was with no help or co-signer. Interest was just killing me back then. They eventually had to repo my car at the time because I could not keep up with the bills. Up until now I still have money owing on that car.

Just a little under two years ago, I met my currently ex-girlfriend. Since I had destroyed my credit and still had outstanding debt. We decided I would help build her decent credit and pay off her debt first so that we would be able to put everything under her name. Especially since we both moved to a new city with no family or friends. At the time, money was not really my biggest concern. I did not mind helping her and working all the time. The entire time we were together I would keep 50-100 dollars just for spending every month as she was the one budgeting all the bills and expenses due to all of it being under her name. We were sharing a car that she had financed even before we had met.

About 6 months ago we broke up. We were both civil and still living together and sharing a car. Now as I already know most people would tell me off. Up until now I am still helping her pay off all her debt. Although we are now broken up. I had said I would help her as long as we’re under the same roof. Now I am not saying I’m perfect, however as much as I can, wether it be to people I am close with or just people I meet. I try to keep my word. No matter what it takes. And I take full responsibility. The problem I am running across is now she is meeting up with someone and she used to pick me up and drop me off at work. I don’t mind even though most of the time I either get dropped off 3-4 hours before my shift starts or wait 3-4 hours after my shift ends to get picked up. As much as we tried. We never got the same work hours. The issue is now she is taking advantage of me helping her pay for all the bills and helping her with most of her debt. Recently she would stay the night there and just never come back in the morning to drop me off or leave right after her shift even though I finish work later. All without heads up. There has been cases where I have needed to call in saying I will be a couple hours late due to the fact I needed to walk or wait for a co—worker to finish his shift and pick me up afterwards then walk back a couple hours.

I’m not much of a social type and all this time I have just been working and going home. Having no spare money does not help with that. But with her going out all the time. I never have the car so I am always stuck at home.

The reason I am here is because I would like a fresh start. She said she would move out once I have a car so now that is all I need. However I need to figure out my debt first before then so that I can start off clean. Without worry that they would come after my possessions after I finally put something under my name. I have been trying but with me still helping her, and paying most of the bills, it’s making it impossible for me to save up for a car especially since I get no help or even consideration from her. I have given her 10-20 thousand dollars for her to clean up her debt over the years. I have recently asked for it back since she no longer gives me consideration. At least help me get a car so I no longer have to ask her. It has been a few weeks and she has not made a move or said a word to either pay it back or help get something figured out for me.

I am not the type to want anything fancy. My wish is just a decent car, a decent place, a decent work life balance so that I can also just go out when I actually need to and just relax. With my situation now, always working and going straight home. I am losing a fighting battle against my mental health. As much as I hate to admit it anyway. Sure do I want a super nice car. Yes. I want it just as much as the next 22 year old. But I’ve been living alone and know enough about the world that I don’t need it and probably would not be able to get it anytime soon if I ever do with my situation. Besides. I’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices throughout my life. My wants or dreams are nothing. I just want to focus on my needs and start fresh. I just want to have help in getting myself even and my biggest obstacles right now taken care of so that I can actually feel all the work and fight I am putting in going forward is going somewhere. Or at least making me feel closer to my end goal. Right now I am just fighting a losing battle both in life and mentally. With everything going on. It feels like I’m stuck fighting against everyone, fighting against my own principles, fighting against myself with no progress. No matter what.

I need help with paying off my debt which is a few thousand in and of itself and buying a decent car as I will be starting to drive 100 kilometres to and from work starting December with a new job. I would only ask for help with the debt but with my destroyed credit. It is impossible for me to be able to finance a car. And I don’t make enough now to buy even a used one with cash. Once I keep the place and live alone. Even then I would barely have left over cash after everything is said and done. I need help to be able to get her out and start being able to live at least a better life and surrounding.

I know that was a long explanation and if you made it this far. I greatly appreciate it. And if you decide to help me in my goal to be better. You have my deepest gratitude and I give you my word that I will pay it forward and help when I can in anyway I can.

I have about 15,000 in debt, and I still need to be able to buy a vehicle. I do not expect for the entire thing to be covered. I will still work hard to be able to pay it off. However, if you are able to help. Every dollar count and would highly hold you in regards.

I thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

#GivingTuesday #GivingTwosday2023