I’m seeking help for a much needed divorce that I want and need from my estranged husband. I’m in need of $3,000 to give to my lawyer and draw up papers to be served to my estranged husband who I finally found out was living in North Carolina. After meeting in 1997, I finally accepted his proposal in 2011.  After being in a committed relationship for nearly 14 years I figured we “had this”. How wrong I was. We were married July 2nd, 2011 and just before Christmas of 2012 I discovered he had been having a year long affair with a woman who has no idea he was even married. This woman also had recently lost her husband, the love of her life to cancer. My estranged husband tore both our hearts apart with his lies and deceit. I immediately started therapy but my selfish husband wouldn’t go with me. Instead, behind my back he took it upon himself to set up a renewal of our vows ceremony thinking he was redeeming himself. I was not ready for such an event since he wouldn’t even take initiative to help me try to maneuver through what he had done to my well being by attending therapy. Against my better judgement I agreed to renew our vows. All this just to have him lose his job as an oil field worker not even two years later because he was caught on site having sex with his 23 year old secretary. My husband was 52 at the time.  I had no choice but to tell him to leave. Oh, and he left and never looked back. Left me struggling financially while he moved on without a care, never even checking on me or telling me where he was. Last year I found h that he was residing in North Carolina (we lived in upstate NY together). I want a divorce and have asked him several times to please file because I don’t have the money as I live paycheck to paycheck. I keep getting the run around and a have saved all the screenshots pertaining to me asking for a divorce.  I just want freed from this man! He does not deserve to be married to me. Or anyone for that matter.  I can’t believe I’m on this website asking for help funding my divorce but that’s how much I need and want to sever all ties with this cheating, lying individual. I would be forever great full to any or all people who can sympathize with me and help me out.  You have no idea!  ❤️ #GivingTuesday