This is a fund I have put together for my husband Jeremy Groseclose and our family. A man I have known most of my life. Jeremy is a wonderful father and husband. A man who once gave up his dreams and a promising career in order to allow me to continue my masters in Social Work. He is the primary caretaker of our special needs daughter and our son. He is the backbone of our family. Even through this J6 nightmare, he has tried to hold strong for myself and our children but a family can only take so much. My heart has been broken many times watching this vibrant loving soul who could make you smile on your worst day become a faded reflection of who he once was. I know he's still that person and I need your help to show him. The financial strain of traveling back and forth to DC is overwhelming. The immense cost of hotel expenses, travel, childcare and more just before the holidays is unbearable. Everyone has been so kind to our family and these funds will help me survive now as a single mother trying to keep our family together. Thank you for your time and understanding.