Back in 2020, the devil attacked America big time. It broke my heart to see so many hurting and struggling individuals. 2020 was the year of the war on police and I started this mission to help encourage the police officers to bring hope and light in all they were going through. I still would never forget the looks on their faces the more I just went out to them by passing out encouragement cards and giving them an encouragement card that had been signed by their own community. We all need each other to thrive. Then, since no one was allowed to visit relatives in nursing homes back then, I made it a personal mission to spread light in the darkness in any way I could with nursing homes as well. The same encouragement cards of scripture got passed out.

Here I am 3 years later and I haven't stopped. I had plenty of opportunities from the devil of course but I will always continue moving forward, God willing.

What I'm doing now:

- Positivity Newspaper

- Social media encouragement (free for others)

- Encouragement for the community - cards and events

- Operating expenses, including a new printer campaign for the encouragement projects.

- Care packages for first responders, churches, and more in the community

I know by now that it takes a village to be the Body of Christ. I'm only still here because of the grace of God. I only ask you to pray first before giving. If God leads you, then it is beyond appreciated. A gift of any amount will not be taken lightly a. I will provide monthly updates via email to let everyone know what has been going on.