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This past year my friend Hohn Cho, a Christian attorney, connected me with an abuse survivor in need of support and resources as she fled to safety with her children from an abusive marriage.

This brave woman's journey has been marked by heavy challenges since she left Islam and embraced Christ. This lead to her isolation from her community and loved ones due to her faith. 

She then married a man whom she believed to be God-fearing and a man who loved Christ. That was not the case, she faced the unimaginable, including domestic abuse and spiritual mistreatment by her husband.

This caused her to turn to the church and seek help. She found herself subjected to spiritual abuse within her church, a painful experience that left deep scars. Recognizing that her place of worship was being emotionally and spiritually abusive, she made the difficult decision to escape with her two little children to seek refuge at a woman's shelter. This heartbreaking journey highlights the immense challenges she faced and the strength it took to prioritize the safety and well-being of her family.

Unfortunately, her plight continued as she became a target of public discipline by the church, defamation, and falsehoods from influential figures within the church. Despite leaving the church eight months ago, the relentless public slander persists. 

Transitioning from being a devoted stay-at-home mom to starting anew has placed an overwhelming financial burden on her shoulders. As she strives to rebuild her life for the well-being of her children, we have initiated this fundraiser to offer a helping hand. Join us in extending compassion and support to this resilient woman and her children, as we aspire to alleviate their financial struggles and embody the compassionate spirit of Jesus in their time of need. Your contribution can make a significant impact on their journey towards healing and stability.

Valerie Jacobson, BSN, MS: Evidence coordinator and Empowerment advocate for domestic violence survivors has worked closely with the survivor and she approves this fundraiser.