Hey y'all, its the J6 families family's favorite southern boy, Tate, aka "Tater Salad". I'm originally from the Louisville, KY area but am currently incarcerated with the other J6'rs in that DC jail. My whole life was turned upside down Aug/24/2023. Can you imagine the shock I felt when I was surrounded by FBI agents for an event that took place over 2.5 years ago.
  Thankfully, I know Gods got me and has way bigger plans than the courts and DOJ. I'm coming up on a year of sobriety an I'm very active in the recovery community both inside and outside these walls. Before being arrested, I'd started an outreach program offering ree workouts and nutritional guidance to low-income neighborhoods in my community. I was also in that middle of organizing a suicide prevention fundraiser 'walk-a-thon' for the city of Wilmington, NC where I recently located.
  My life has been one big adventure a I know this experience is only another extension of that. I've hiked and traveled all over our beautiful country from Michigan to Puerto Rico, from Virginia to Colorado an everywhere in between!
  I love riding motorcycles and jumping out of airplanes but feel most passionate sweating it out in the gym. I'm a 2x physique athlete, regularly compete in crossfit competitions, a practice both Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.
  I've got a huge heart for animals and deeply miss my two rescue dogs, Mico & Rye (recently passed away). When this chapter of my life is closed, I plan to move out west an open an Animal Rescue & K-9 Training Program. Thankfully, I've got some of the most incredible friends and family a guy could ask for! They have all been a huge support throughout this experience, especially my mama and sister, who herself is a new mom to my absolutely adorable by niece!
  Your donations will be used to help support me while I'm incarcerated, to manage bills I still have on the outside and to hopefully set me on a good foundation for when I leave this place behind. Thank you a God Bless! -Tate