Help us give middle school students confidence and eliminate hygiene-based bullying! We know that personal hygiene and clean clothing are major issues among the neediest children in our schools. These students feel like outsiders and withdraw from their classmates. We know that not having food, clean clothes, or basic hygiene items obstructs children’s ability to learn and thrive. “Hygiene poverty” is an inability to afford everyday hygiene products, such as shampoo, toilet paper, grooming products, etc. While the root of hygiene poverty is the lack of access to basic toiletries, its effects are made much worse by “hygiene shaming.” Teachers note that kids are often picked on for not being well groomed. This can negatively affect a child’s mental health.

We've been called to put love in action and restore hope to those who are hurting. When you give you will help create Personal Care Closets to be located in the middle schools that will take the burden off teachers and social workers that purchase these items. Your donation will allow students to anonymously go to a "closet" and get the items they need to care for themselves. Help eliminate hygiene shaming so that these young minds can have a better learning environment! Items to be stocked include:

* deodorant, * period products, * shampoo, * soap/body wash, * toothpaste, * toothbrush, * loofahs, * face wash, * lotion, * hairbrushes/combs, and * laundry detergent

Thank you!