Today "The American Dream" is something that very few people are having a chance to share in. There are various reasons why this is happening but a few that come to mind are the obvious ones like the total disregard for religious teaching of our children...they are running amok engaging in premarital sex which is creating unwanted children who will be abused and neglected, taking drugs and abusing their bodies that Christ has given them to respect and cherish. Our childrenwent to school with all sorts of people who influencde them into doing things they knew they shouldn't be doing! As parents what choice did we have but to either home school or send our children to the top notch Christian schools - if we could have found them in our neighborhood.

My family has been fighting to share in the "American Dream" for years to no avail. We rent and live paycheck to paycheck hoping nobody gets really sick because we have no way to pay for a serious illness. Our adult children are living paycheck to paycheck hoping for the same. 

Well, so much for hoping The worst has happened and here we are praying for the strength and courage to get through this. I just found out I have breast cancer. My husband just lost his job and is too young to retire but who is going to hire a 66 year old man?  We have tried to do everything right and have followed the scripture as well as possible in this world of sex, drugs, and bad behavior.

This will be the end of us....