Aidan Kearney is an award winning journalist who has uncovered and reported on the coverup of John O'Keefe's murder, and the subsequent framing of his innocent girlfriend Karen Read. While the rest of the mainstream media has chosen not to ask questions directly to the conspirators responsible for John's death, Aidan has repeatedly asked them tough questions in person, and held peaceful protests in Canton to raise awareness about the coverup. For having the audacity to speak out against corruption and murder, the State Police and the District Attorney's Office charged him with 8 felony counts of witness intimidation. The message was sent loud and clear - if you exercise your First Amendment rights and expose police corruption they will send men with guns to your house to arrest you in front of your children's school bus. The Commonwealth will be throwing everything at Aidan in an attempt to silence his voice because he's too effective. He needs aggressive, experienced, and competent representation. To that end we urge you to donate what you can to the legal defense fund, which will go towards expenses related to Aidan's legal defense, including legal and expert fees and costs.