America is facing the greatest threat to its existence right now. We are under siege by an evil force that is trying to destroy everything good and holy about this great country.

This campaign is dedicated to ending this takeover by spreading the good word about this blessed country and its people while also pointing out the many lies from those who hate America and the human race.

We are the major majority. We are the God-loving, family-loving, and America-loving people of the USA.

We will win.

Joe worked around the world for a Fortune 500 Corporation while attending executive meetings, and board and audit committee meetings in multiple countries. He lived in Hong Kong for nearly a decade overseeing the major business function for a multinational US corporation and prior to that oversaw the financial reporting for multimillion-dollar and billion-dollar entities. He’s earned ten degrees or designations, including an MBA, CPA, CISA and FLMI.

Joe Hoft is now a radio host and author.  He's done exceptional work regarding the 2020 Election and published three books on "The Steal".  

Your gift will assist Joe in continuing his honest reporting, his exceptional interviews, and his special projects to help save the USA from this communist/fascist assault.  

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